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Our Story

Amidst a world rapidly transforming through technological advances, we recognized an unmet need: A bridge between the cutting-edge and the compassionate, especially when it came to healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for many, underscoring the importance of health and the gaps in our collective response. For us, it was a call to action. We envisioned a platform that could meet these challenges head-on, combining accessibility, affordability, and innovation.

Our Evolution

Throughout our journey, we’ve grown beyond the confines of a simple medical delivery service. Our expanded offerings now encompass a diverse array of health-related products included in our HealthPacks, as we strive to evolve into a comprehensive health support system. This transformation reflects our unwavering commitment to meet the dynamic health needs of the communities we are privileged to serve.

Our "Aha!" Moment

Our “Aha!” moment came when we realized that we could leverage our existing technological capabilities and experience in resource management to create a service that could potentially save lives. The idea of AbundaBox was born – a monthly HealthPack offering that would not only expedite treatment but also focus on preventing future illnesses.

We actively work to empower individuals by granting them immediate access to vital health resources. This direct action promotes enhanced health outcomes, elevates their quality of life, and advocates for equity within healthcare systems.

Empowering Individuals

We are dedicated to assisting individuals who are beneficiaries of government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, CHIP, TRICARE, CHAMPVA, and others. By facilitating maximum utility of their benefits, we ensure they consistently gain higher quality access to essential health resources.

At AbundaBox, we stand committed to fostering equity in healthcare, battling food insecurity, and addressing health inequality. We ardently believe in prioritizing our customers' health needs, continually striving to guarantee access to critical resources.

Who We Serve

At AbundaBox, we cater to individuals across the spectrum – beneficiaries of government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, CHIP, as well as those on private insurance schemes. We integrate solutions from over 70 different government and insurance programs to empower our users. Our approach is to take their existing benefits and enhance them, facilitating seamless connection with vital health resources and fostering superior health outcomes.

Guided by integrity and transparency, our dedication extends beyond saving lives to improving everyday wellness. We tirelessly strive to make both healthcare and nutritious food resources more accessible and affordable for all.

What We Offer

We offer HealthPacks – monthly boxes filled with over-the-counter tests for COVID and other seasonal illnesses, vitamins, a pre-charged food card for buying healthy foods, product samples, and more. Additionally, our AbundaConnect service provides free talk, text, and data, ensuring our customers stay connected.

Promoting good health while keeping things simple?
That's our AbundaBox promise.